Eutony Gerda Alexander

In today’s life we are mostly on the move with our attention outside our body. Many people only turn their attention to the body when something is no longer’ working’ or pain is felt. If you want to do something for yourself, you can find plenty of suggestions here.
Gerda Alexander has developed the principles of Eutony in her work with students. Participants included people of all ages and professions, sick and healthy.

What can Eutony do for you?

Eutonie-Übung mit Kirschkernkissen
In Eutony we pay attention to the effects of movements on body perception and how our tension and mood changes through gentle exercises. Each movement can be used to influence the tone (= tension). This refers to muscle tensions as well as the inner mood. The fascias that permeate our whole body are also always included in the work. The connection between body, mind and psyche can be experienced directly, so that a somato-pychic learning process can take place.

Feeling at ease in his own skin again, experiencing his own limits as protection are examples of what this work offers. The bone structure is stable and allows you to trust your own structure. The experience of gravity and its effects on body and movements allows to release false tensions and to become more mobile again. Strengthened confidence in one’s own body and more certainty in dealing with it gives self-confidence, which then has an influence on the development of one’s personality. It is an invitation to get to know yourself better and to come back to your own home.

At this time, I am offering my classes in German speaking areas, therefore there are only German classes listed. If you are interested in an English speaking class, please contact me.