Welcome back in your body

Can you imagine being totally familiar with your body and feeling comfortable?

To sense your self in contact with the world around you, with other people as well as with your environment?

To be able to maintain your center?

To sense how the floor supports your feet?

How you can take a deep breath at any moment, like right now – while reading this?

How does this make you feel?


“I really liked Cornelia’s voice and the suggestions on how to do a movement differently. I now feel less ache and pain when awakening in the morning, have more stamina.” Florence Hendren, quilter, grandmother
“I learned to move more gracefully and sit much better at my computer without getting aches and pains. I get up from sitting much easier and walk more gracefully.” p B.W., retired biochemist
“Cornelia is able and willing to adapt the lessons to fit my concerns and the moods of the moment. I experienced joy and giggles during the lessons. My head position now feels slightly more at ease.” Sue Newcomb, acupuncture student, LMT
“I don’t know how to explain it, but I can now garden extensively without my back even hurting at all.” Regine DuBay
“I discovered Cornelia and the Feldenkrais Method® after my second surgery for a brain tumor which left me with a weak ankle and I was wearing a brace. In the lessons with Cornelia, I became aware of my body, balance and how I move. Therefore when I tax my body, I am able to realize that I have tools now to make corrections. Through the use of Feldenkrais, I have been able to give up my brace and to maneuver more smoothly.” Bernard Franz, sculptor, painter
“I enjoyed Cornelia’s undivided attention, caring attitude, knowledge and experience in Feldenkrais. I have no more back pain, minimal knee discomfort after sitting for extended periods of time. I can get up and walk, not “hobble”.” Marie Atwell, addiction therapist